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Tokelau MCT Coffee

Iced Tokelau MCT Coffee

Iced Tokelau MCT Coffee

Summer is here, and no summer morning is complete without an iced coffee... but don't settle for just any iced coffee! Follow the 5 simple steps below to get clean, healthy MCT coffee that fuels your brain and your body alike:

1. Tear open your packet of Tokelau MCT Coffee and dump the contents into your cup. Both Mighty Morning Blend and Freedom Blend will work to make your iced coffee... it's just personal preference! The Mighty Morning Blend is rich, creamy, and bold, and the Freedom Blend is dairy-free and has collagen.

2. Add just enough hot water to make a creamy consistency. When I make mine, I like to fill about 1/8 of the cup with hot water. 

3. Fill the rest of your cup up with cold water and ice. If you're feeling extra fancy, feel free to sprinkle some cinnamon on top, or add a dash of heavy whipping cream (but the beauty of Tokelau MCT Coffee is that you don't need anything other than the packets and water!).

4. Give it a stir, then sip and enjoy your refreshing cup of Tokelau MCT Coffee!

5. Comment below and tell me if you tried making your Tokelau iced! Do you like to add anything fancy to yours?

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