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Jon Stojan


My name is Jon Stojan and I’m the creator of Tokelau Coffee. Because my family has a history of adult onset diabetes in 2015 I got serious about my health. I was determined to avoid the same fate. I tested lots of different diet and fitness programs with little success until I discovered the ketogenic lifestyle.

I swapped carbs and sugar for healthy fats and lost over 40lbs in just a couple of months. For the first in my adult life I was at a healthy weight.

Less than 10% of adult who achieve significant weight loss keep the weight off for more than a year. Thanks to the keto lifestyle I have been able to maintain my healthy weight for over 2 years and counting!

After seeing my success, friends and family started asking lots of questions. I shared my experience on keto and fat adapted recipes to help them get the same stunning results.

Why Tokelau MCT Coffee

 Tokelau MCT coffee to fuel your keto lifestyle

Like many in the keto community I discovered the energizing combination of coffee and MCT oil. As a busy entrepreneur with young children, revving up a blender at 5am to make keto coffee was less than ideal.

I combined my love for coffee and healthy fats to assemble a team of food scientists, taste testers, and other experts to create a more convenient way to make keto coffee.

Inspired by the Tokelau Islanders who lived for thousands of years on healthy fats from coconuts and wild caught fish; we created Tokelau MCT coffee from a unique blend of organic coffee, high-quality MCTs, and organic coconut milk that we are excited to share with you.

Tokelau MCT coffee is the first MCT coffee that gives you all the health benefits of MCTs in the convenience of a single serve cup.

Our Mission

Our mission is to make your keto lifestyle more convenient because your health matters! 

Our coffee is made for your busy keto lifestyle. You get a delicious cup of MCT coffee in seconds that will fuel your day.

To make Tokelau Coffee the best my team searched for months to find the perfect ingredients from outstanding suppliers.

Our coffee is naturally flavored with coconut instead of sugar or soy. We use organic coffee and coconut cream so you can enjoy your coffee without harmful pesticides or other chemicals.

Tokelau MCT Coffee is also preservative free and made in a facility that is gluten free compliant.

Our Promise

We believe in going above and beyond in everything we do.  We think you will enjoy our coffee, but if you don’t we promise to refund you 110%*

We hope you love our MCT coffee so much that you share Tokelau MCT coffee with your friends and family.


Happy Sipping! 


Jon Stojan

Chief Coconut

Tokelau Coffee

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